SG Music

SG Music Marketing, Inc. is an entertainment and artist exposure company with music and broadcast expertise. Clients include major and independent record labels, publishing companies, and artist management companies.

Before establishing SG Music marketing, Inc.  Steve Gordon worked at Jeff McClusky and Associates(JMA) in all areas of promotion.  In the mid-nineties Steve helped JMA to be recognized as one of the leading promotion companies in the adult formats. In the beginning the adult formatted radio stations brought into existence Coldplay, Train, Matchbox 20, Nelly Furtado, Dido, Rob Thomas, Barenaked Ladies and more.

Steve’s day to day responsibilities included networking with managers, generating revenue, organizing concert events, planning artist relation strategies, securing advertising dollars for radio,  and arranging  up front tickets through managers and ticket brokers. All which helped JMA’s clients achieve ratings success in their markets. During the mid-nineties JMA represented over thirty-nine adult formatted radio stations in Chicago, San Diego, Las Vegas, Indianapolis, Portland, Orlando, and many others.

Then in 2001 Steve assisted CURB RECORDS as their independent representative covering promotion in specific formats. The Curb staff and SG worked together hand in hand bringing success to such artists as Mercy Me, Tim McGraw, Leann Rimes, and Kimberley Lock.  Presently SG Music continues to represent a number of independent labels and major labels at the POP/CHR and RHYTHMIC/CHR formats.

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